How to become a student?

It is easy to become a student at SOT Correspondence.


You need to enroll to access all the on-line lessons. Choose the Enrollment box on the front page and
fill in the empty boxes.  It only takes a minute. 

Start your studies

Each lesson will take around 10 minutes to complete
and you will receive a certificate by the end of it.  You start by choosing Lesson 1 and follow the course
by choosing proceed button that appears on the right hand of the screen when a demonstration or a task is completed.


It is fine going a way for a while and coming back.
Choose the page called Lessons, that can be accessed from the front-page and find the lesson you want to enter.


When you have completed the whole course by contributing to the “Wall of Change” with you happy video message,
you will get at diploma stating that you are transformed. Feel free to print it out and put it in a frame hanging it
on your personal Wall of Change.